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Name:Melody Jane Winters
Birthdate:Jul 17
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Into the World of Darkness and Magic,
With all my power, I'll show you the way,
To all your dreams, hopes And illusions

magic melody by D.H.T

Melody Jane Winters was born to a drug addict mother and jailbird father, and promptly removed by social services at birth. She was placed with foster parents, but once her mother had her parental rights severed, Melody was put up for adoption. She's not, by any means, a stereotypical poor little broken adopted kid who grew up miserable. She was adopted by two gay men, both doctors, who had been hoping for a child for years but due to their sexuality, didn't have a hope in hell of succeeding at the time. That was why Melody was legally adopted by one of her fathers and his beard, a talent agent in New York City. They even went so far as to get married to push the chances of adoption, and then once it succeeded and they got Melody, they divorced. To this day, Melody's dads and her pretend mom are the closest of friends, even if she was raised by her dads.

Melody did, unfortunately, have some developmental delays from being addicted in-utero, so she wasn't an easy kid. They never gave up on her, though, and although school was always painfully hard for her, she began to show artistic and musical talent from a pretty early age. Even if her dads were conservative, they were never strict. They always encouraged her to be whoever she wanted to be, and she always knew she was loved. Her learning difficulties meant she was often bullied in school, and tended to be a bit of a loner. Her only true and close friend didn't come to her until high school... one Zed Blaze, who was a new kid at school one day. They seemed like kindred spirits, and Zed didn't seem to want much company himself. He was very closed and guarded, but they still managed to strike up a friendship. Melody never pushed him, and he seemed to always appreciate that she never grilled him about where he was from.

It was never a romantic deal. Zed was openly gay, and Melody bisexual, but generally felt more romantically akin to females. She liked sleeping with guys, but they always turned into dickheads when she tried dating them. If ever she did fall for a guy these days, he would have to be very special and willing to get past her Very Emphatic Gay Dad Guard Dogs and Zed. Melody and Zed are still the best of friends now high school is well and truly over. They live in the same apartment block, and Melody has found quite a bit of success in her artistic talent. She created a comic book series based on her and Zed's friendship, with a bisexual and gay superhero team, Raven Mysteria and Blaze Onyx, like Batman and Robin, only less hetero-normative and more LGBTQIA-oriented. It got a bit of a cult following when it was picked up and published and now she has a deal for ongoing issues.

When she isn't busy with her comic book, she plays bass with Zed's band, Blazing Phoenix. Zed is the only male as the lead singer and guitarist. All his back-up musicians and vocalists are females and Melody loves him more than a little bit for that with his defying stereotypes in hard rock. Melody is Wiccan, though she doesn't shove her beliefs down anyone's throat. It's a very personal thing for her and something she found peace in over the years searching for her place to fit in the world. Currently, she single and content with that, but she wouldn't turn down a date if life twisted that way. She is an artist by day, rocker by night, and daddys' girl all the time.

Melody is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Melody is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only. PB is Liz Vicious, who belongs to herself.

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